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Still the very best bird feeder.  Over 30 years of serving the birding public since 1991. 

H100 Stainless Steel Thistle/Nyjer Feeder

Designed to keep SQUIRRELS OUT of the thistle seed. Holds about 3 quarts of thistle seed or 6-8 days supply. Many birds, including finches, like thistle seed.

  • Dimensions: 15" Tall and 8" Wide

Proudly "Made in the USA" by Small Family Business since 1991.

Heavy Duty Bird Feeder is made of stainless steel so is weather proof and lasts for years!

Our “Double Cage Design” has an inside cage that holds thistle seeds, and a Heavy Duty outside cage to keep out the squirrels.  Made from Stainless Steel so there is no chewed up, destroyed feeder! 

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're buying the best feeder!

All surfaces are tapered, they don’t hold water so no rotten seed!

Birds can only get one seed at a time so reduces waste.


Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed

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