Chickadee Farm

I purchased one of your wire-bird feeders in Feb and want you to know that it's what a wonderful feeder it is. This morning I watched a small brown bear tearing up my feeders and when he came to your wire feeder that is on a pulley in the tree he tried to pull the rope and then grabbed hold of the feeder and was swinging in mid
air on it. After not being able to tear it apart he left it alone. The wire feeder has no bad damage,I can tell you my other feeder are ruined. I was wondering if you had smaller wire-feeder to hold the thistle seed, something that would work for the Pine Siskin's and
Golden Finche's.  If so the cost.
Thanks Janice

I bought a bird feeder from you about 2 months ago, and I just had to let you know how much I have enjoyed it! Those DARN squrrels used to eat all my seeds. I have had so much fun watching them try to feed from it (to no avail) Thanks so much. What a GREAT product. Thanks again,
Sandy Bowker dandydavis@webtv.net

My husband is getting a kick out of watching the squirrels trying to get into that feeder. Its in the same place they use to feast at and they just sit there and look so puzzled that its not "working" anymore. grin. Thanks again and I'm glad everything worked out.  magnolia@clearlake.com

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